Location:  Seattle

Babely is an immersive day-long event created to empower women and leave you feelin' fresh, confident and inspired. You will work with your hands while learning a fabulous new skill, connect with a tribe of passionate, bad ass ladies, eat and drink (only the finest), and best of all- get dolled up with the help of a fabulous make up artist and partake in a bomb one-on-one photo session. Whether you want a sassy new headshot or facebook profile photo (let's be honest- who don't?), take fierce photos in your undies, or you're just coming for the food and booze (atta girl)- welcome. 

We are so over the idea that you need to accomplish something monumental or be in a perfect place in your life to be deserving of a beautiful experience. That you need to be perfectly fit or have an occasion in order to be photographed. Babely is about indulgence, self-acceptance, and celebrating yourself, just as you are.  


Meet the HBIC (head babes in charge):


alex aguirre 

  • love, lifestyle and brand photographer
  • passionate about impractical shoes, good deals, food and whiskey
  • bad at blogging
  • can't stop, won't stop dancing or petting street dogs. i'm not sorry! 

Jaimie Myer 

  • graphic designer and calligrapher 
  • eloping in the woods on Halloween
  • bone jewelry collector
  • jazz enthusiast
  • interior design fiend
  • compassion wrapped in witchy attire


  • intern-extraordinaire
  • obscure portrait and series photographer
  • good with charcoal grills
  • smells like eucalyptus 
  • gets lost in foreign countries
  • likely to be found in Moab

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