photo by: Maggie Bradshaw

ALEJANDRITA: noun. fluffy seattle human, often seen dancing down city streets (see video below), admiring flowers, eating copious amounts of food and getting way too excited about petting stranger's pets. please, call me alex

currently crazy about good light, real talk, indian food, adventures, not killing plants & getting weird. 

i hope to be your friend... to make you feel comfortable, to laugh, feel open and most importantly: to feel like your best self.

far from basic. we're going for real. honest. 

i'm all about authenticity and connection... no bullshit.

it's not about collecting clients and making a dime. it's about finding the right fit. about having that mutual feeling where we're like, yesss... we know. we are each other's people and damn dude- we are going to make some seriously good shit together. no stress, just lovely memories. honestly, doesn't that sounds like how it should be? 

i'm looking for clients that want to be a part of the process, that have a voice, good energy, that crave adventure and don't mind gettin' a little dirty in the name of making great art (and memories).  

in return, i wanna give you an unforgettable experience, one that makes you feel good in your bones and is 1000% uniquely yours. also, probably a hug. 

does this sound like you? like something you want to be a part of?

if so, don't hesitate a second longer.

send me a message, give me a call- let's talk.

let's create something stunning together. 


1st Place - Idaho Press Club: Student Photography

Featured on Apple Brides

Featured in Love Inc Magazine (online)

Front Cover & featured in Business Pulse

Featured in Blot Magazine