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"For me it was a place to reconnect with who I see myself as. Between a full-time career and the general madness of adulthood, I rarely get to practice being the warrior space queen that I am. You know, the real me who explores, fights space horrors, and saves the galaxy at the end of the day. Okay, maybe not the REAL me, but the person I’d be if intergalactic travel was a thing.  Since casual space travel isn’t a thing yet, how about discovering more about yourself and creating inspiring connections on earth?" 


Babely is the gift that keeps giving. The makeup/photo experience was so much fun, the food/cocktails were delicious and the women were an inspiration. I love my photos - I feel beautiful when I look at them and it reminds me how fun and rewarding it is to step out of my comfort zone. The biggest thing I got from Babely was the opportunity to meet such amazing women and start some new friendships with smart, genuine, badass women. 



"I had been wanting to do a nude photo shoot for years (ever since I saw the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha does one) and when I stumbled upon Alex's work and Babely, I knew this was the perfect opportunity, because it meant I'd be getting more than just photos--I'd also get to meet inspiring women. In the weeks and hours leading up to the event, and then even the minutes passing after it started, I thought for sure the time would come when nerves took over about posing nude. They never did. I attribute that to the lovely Alex and the space she created for me to be me. She is a beaming ray of positivity, and it was impossible not to feel both empowered and right at home in her presence. I left Babely with bubbly memories, new friendships, photos I'll cherish forever, and most importantly, a stronger sense of sisterly solidarity."

"The whole day at the Babely event was completely magical. From the moment I walked in the door, I was received with love and kindness. Brunch and chatting commenced, and it was a whirlwind of fabulous women sharing stories and supporting one another. I walked away from the day with a new sense of self, and felt like a goddess, inside and out. I am completely in love with the images Alex took, and even more in love with the new band of friends I made. Thank you to everyone for participating and letting your true selves shine. XO Babes."


"Babely quite simply, unearthed the babe in me.  I felt an instant connection with the other women, and I basked in the power each one of them brought forward.  I found so much of myself in their laughter, their struggles, their stories.  And that's exactly what the day was designed to do:  bring out the best in all of us, and encourage that best self to connect with others.  It was a celebration of womanhood, and I left feeling nothing but pure magic."



I happily volunteered to be numero uno for makeup and to get the party started.  It was almost immediate how unified Taylour and I became in conversation.  Alex popped in with her camera on full click mode and we chatted all things The 1975 music, what it's like to live with anxiety and how important self care is.  I was in heaven.  Full blown, sparkling, glittery, heaven.  I was surrounded by women that were so raw, honest and real.  It was more than I had expected.  And without even a stitch of make-up on yet, I felt beautiful.  More beautiful than I had in a long long time.  At one point, I sat on the couch and watched one of the other babes get her makeup done and I LITERALLY DID NOTHING.  I stared on... smiling... relaxed... I had nowhere to be but right there and that was ERRRYTHAAANG.