Meet the hbic

(Head Babes in Charge)
This is the team behind Babely. The ladies who poured their sweat and heart into turning this vision into a reality. They're fierce, they're kind and they want to be your best friend.  


Alex Aguirre

  • love, lifestyle and brand photographer
  • passionate about making friends, good deals, food and whiskey
  • bad at blogging
  • can't stop, won't stop dancing or petting street dogs. sorry not sorry! 

jaimie myer

  • graphic designer and calligrapher 
  • eloping in the woods on Halloween
  • bone jewelry collector
  • jazz enthusiast
  • interior design fiend
  • compassion wrapped in witchy attire

karina richardson

  • intern-extraordinaire
  • obscure portrait and series photographer
  • good with charcoal grills
  • smells like eucalyptus 
  • gets lost in foreign countries
  • likely to be found in Moab