Ashley + Tosh // Wedding // Lummi Island, WA / by Alejandra Aguirre

Island magic in its purest form.

When a couple manages to create a space for an entire island (no lie. the whole island) to come celebrate, eat, drink, dance and rejoice in love, you know you're in the company of some next level humans. Ashley and Tosh are a special breed, and the love they share for one another is a true honor to be around. These two managed to cut out the bullshit that often surrounds the wedding world and instead put their focus on what matters: love, duh. No gimmicks, no fuss.
Bomb dinner was courtesy of dad, gorgeous desserts and wedding cake baked by sister & friends, flower arrangements done by BA friend crew and the venue was on grandma's property. An entire community coming together to make something so beautiful. That's what I'm talkin' about. 

Simple. Elegant. and full of heart. 

As a photographer, I couldn't ask for a more dynamic and beautiful scenario. Ashley and Tosh, you two are a dream. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a glorious occasion.