Miriah & Eric // Wedding-ish // Seattle, WA / by Alejandra Aguirre

it's official. i am literally THE WORST at blogging (see: previous blog post- Nov2015).

let's ignore the fact that maintaining social media is hard and that i may be painfully irrelevant bc whatever! it's time to move on and focus on the present! cuz man oh man, is the present good. 

Miriah and Eric got hitched among the closest of the close in their lives, and I imagine it was the most perfect, love-and-food-filled celebration there ever was (note- i was not there to witness/photograph this). however, as with most weddings, the day flew by so fast and furious that it wasn't until they returned from their honeymoon that they realized they never really got photos of just the two of them. the family, the home, the food and details - all documented beautifully, but perhaps not quite as many photos of the two of them just... being. together. so when Miriah asked me if I would be into a wedding-ish part ii - duh (!!) - i was super down. 

we met up in georgetown, these two dressed to the nines, and our itinerary as follows: drinks, snacks, more drinks, explore.   

i couldn't love this more. couples who do what they want, when they want and how they want. there are no rules in love and marriage... in documenting it, at least (ha! ignore me plz). feel like you want more photos of you and ya boo because you are so damn in love, and let's be honest- ya'll look fine as hell in that dress and tux? let's do it. feeling like chasing the sunset the day after because your special day was too jam packed? i'm game. when you get weird and do what you want, good things happen. and in this particular case, good things mean bomb drinks, big laughs, finding hidden gems in the city, and memories for life.