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Babely // Sponsored Goodies: PART I // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Babely was a dream of a day- from the baller mimosa bar in the a.m., sassy photo sessions in the afternoon, to the the candle-lit dinner in the evening. Beyond the hard work and dedication of our team, so much of what made the day as special as it was were the contributions given to us by our incredibly generous sponsors. We were fortunate enough to have so many phenomenal brands and businesses send killer products our way that I'ma have to break this blog post into two parts, just to keep it (relatively) cute and short. 

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the bossy brands we whole-heartedly love and appreciate. 

PRESSED JUICERY: The folks at Pressed Juicery sent us an enormous box of fresh pressed juices. I never knew juice could make a gal so happy, but no lie, it felt like freaking Christmas opening the box and finding such a wide assortment of vibrant colors and juice flavors that I previously never knew existed. Who knew juice could elicit such damn pleasant response?!  
The morning of Babely, we separated out the citrus varieties and set up the bougie-est mimosa bar I ever did see. The rest of the flavors kept our ladies hydrated, healthy and happy throughout the day. These guys have some of the most unique, inspired and delicious juice combos- I'm craving some right now, just thinking about it. 11/10, would recommend.  


HAND AND HIDE: The talented humans at Hand and Hide truly blew us away with the beautiful leather goods that they individually MADE. BY. HAND. These guys create with quality and longevity in mind (which is perfect for me considering I'm a destructive monster that breaks everything, but that's beside the point). They sent a variety of stunning leather products, including a key caddykeychains, earbud wrap cases, iphone charger wraps, and (not pictured, but super rad) beer holders


MINIMALIST. BOUTIQUE SKIN CARE: Where do I even begin with Frankie of Minimalist. Boutique Skin Care. What a woman. This hardworking, bad ass New Zealand mama and entrepreneur creates some of the most luxurious, delicious, all-natural skin care products around that will blow ya damn mind. Beyond her passion and expertise in this field, she exudes warmth and kindness in such a way that instantly draws you in. Not only to I love and want to use her products for the rest of my life, but I also want to give her a hug and be her friend. 
Frankie went above and beyond and we could not be more grateful. For our ladies, she sent The Super Serum she makes, and for our team, she sent The Mini Kit , all of which are packages in such a deliciously beautiful way. Thank you Frankie, you're a true babe and lady boss in our eyes. 


RUSTED VASE CO: The incredibly talented, gem of a woman Carlee of Rusted Vase Co. reached out to the Babely team early on and kindly offered to partner with us. It was amazing to give her a loose vibe and color pallet, and see the places she took it. Her arrangements were modern, understated, a little sexy and totally transformed our space.  Thank you for being such a bad ass and taking the time to collaborate with us during your busiest season... your blooms and big leafy greens elevated the space and took things to a whole other level. 


BIG SPOON ROASTERS: Because we all a little nutty on the Babely squad, it seemed appropriate to team up with the kings of nut butter- Big Spoon Roasters. We were so excited to receive a big ol' box filled with what I believe to be the best flavor combo ever - their almond ginger nut butter.  I've had it on toast with bananas and honey, put it in my smoothies and straight up eaten it right off the spoon. However you use it, it's obvious this North Carolina company packs big flavor and a whole lotta love into each jar, and we are hooked. 


ROBINSON PAPERIE: The lovely, creative Camille of Robinson Paperie hooked. us. up.
Not only did she knock our menus, day-of schedule and hand-lettered place settings out of the park, but she surprised our ladies with the raddest paper goods, including sassy prints (I have one in my room reminding me that I am one badass bitch) and darling cards. Her work is playful, but elegant and exudes personality and refinement. Her work helped create such a polished tablescape and experience for our that we were/forever will be totally obsessed with. 


That's all she wrote. For now. 
Sincerest thanks to all of our phenomenal sponsors. You truly shaped and elevated our ladies' experience, and we are forever grateful.  I can't wait to share more pretty things and bad ass businesses and brands with part ii of this blog series. 

Until then, thank you for reading. <3
For those who are interested in learning more about our upcoming Babely in March of 2018, feel free to reach out to for all the juicy info!

Cheers bbs,