Shana + Elie // Love // San Francisco, CA / by Alejandra Aguirre

Ya'll know how it goes... we have good days and we have bad days. My emotions ebb and flow with the seasons and try as I might to hold onto a sense of grace and compassion for myself, there are times where I've been unproductively critical of my work, spiraled in comparison to others, overanalyzed my editing and wanted to scrap everything, or just all together felt down and disconnected. 

But I find when I focus on the work, I ain't got time or energy for any of that negativity nonsense. It's truly the most beautiful thing. When I am connecting with my clients, camera in hand, chasing light and fueled by inspiration and love for my craft- everything is right. 

Elie and Shana are an exemplary reminder of why I do what I do.

First off, meeting them was easy. I walked up to their crazy cute San Francisco home (think iconic SF row house) where I was greeted by their insane + wonderful dog. While their furry beast incessantly licked my legs, we hung out in their living room and spent some time getting to know one another... and not like, how bout that weather fluffy talk, but the cut the bullshit, get on the level kind of get to know each other. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT YA'LL. Right off the bat, I knew I was in good company.

Elie ran out to grab some sushi and the three of us wine, dined and got so lost in conversation we (almost) lost track of time and damn near missed the sunset! Honestly, the timing couldn't have worked out more beautifully... as we walked down the hill and Sutro Baths came into view, we basked in soft, warm light, gulped the crisp and salty air, and our adventure began. 

These are a collection of photos documenting Elie and Shana's story. A peek into their world full of love, adventure, connection, generosity, passion and joy. Witnessing and documenting the two of them be so openly themselves is an honor; one I will hold on to, cherish and forever be grateful for.