Whiskey + Love: Moody Seattle Engagement Session // Jaimie & Curt / by Alejandra Aguirre

I was introduced to Jaimie by a mutual friend, and have been thankful every day since. Before I ever met her, I was told something along the lines of, 'Jaimie is the kind of girl you see standing across the street, looking fierce and intimidating as hell, but then you wave to her and her face breaks into the most loving smile as she excitedly waves back.' It's all true... So much sweetness, in leather and lace- how is it possible??

Jaimie & Curt are the kind of duo every photographer dreams about. They are as open, kind and loving as they are beautiful. They live their lives guided by intuition and passion, AND they love whiskey, dogs & good food. See??? DREAM COUPLE. 

For their engagement session we decided to take on Pioneer Square. It went a little something like the bombdest happy hour at Girin, getting serenaded by a brass band that happened to be walking by (wtf is life?!), drinking espresso at arguably too late an hour, and climbing on top of parking garages, loading docks and dumpsters... and they made it all look so. damn. good. 
Jaimie and Curt, thank you for letting me tag along and document your fine selves as you live your lives. You are both so good and words cannot express how excited I am to document your Halloween elopement (yup. that's right). 

Compassion wrapped in witchy attire, I couldn't describe these two better myself.