Jessica + Schu // Babes in Love // Bainbridge Island, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

These two. 
It was seriously such a delight to spend an otherwise gloomy Friday riding windy ferries, getting caffeinated while eating slightly stale pastries and exploring Bainbridge Island with these angels. Two total babes who are so fierce, so genuine and so totally in love. 
It may sound weird, but it means something a little extra when I can document folks who are a bit hesitant to be in front of the camera, because god damn do I relate. But when we are able to break down barriers and quickly get to that good, real shit... that's everything. The beautiful, the silly, the weird, and everything in between. It's not about "picture perfect" (wtf is that even), it's about telling your story and allowing me in so I can show you just how fucking glorious you are. 

Let meeeee! 


Q & A // Personal // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

A month and a half late but I'm finally getting to this damn Q&A. Why am I the worst at blogging / avoid it like the plague when I know my it's like, necessary in this industry? I do not know but oh well- I still like me! 
Enough self-love... ANYWAYS. 
You guys submitted a pretty solid collection of questions ranging from personal to professional to even a little weird, and I'm into it. 
Without further ado, let's get into this ish. 


Q: How did you get into wedding photography? 
A: I sort of fell into the wedding world by accident. I used to tote my camera around daily and would constantly snap photos of the lovely people in my life. 
Eventually a friend asked if I would shoot their wedding, and being so green to the whole thing, I blindly said yes- with no apprehension or fear (it's not like I'm solely responsible for capturing memories of the most important day in most people's lives or whatever). But it worked out and was such an invigorating experience, I immediately knew I'd stumbled upon something big and haven't looked back since. 

**Was that an interesting response?? (my inner monologue is kicking in already)
I'm already exhausted talking about myself and this is only the first question. Why did I do this?

Q: Crunchy or soft tacos? 
A: Hell yes. A question I can get behind- soft tacos for life! 
But like, if a plate of crunchy ones showed up right now, I would inhale. 

Q: I love your hair!! How do you take care of your curls?
A: Honest answer: I don't. I've bleached the hell out of it, barely wash it, and ran out of curl cream weeks ago and haven't bought more. I like to believe that my frizzy, disheveled locks add to my free-spirited, ~artistic~ vibe.
A girl can pretend, right? (Code for: lie to me.)

Q: Very favorite lighting method or situation? 
A: Seattle's notoriously dreary weather, though depressing as hell, is an actual dream to photograph in. Nature's soft box... it doesn't get much better.  
However, when I'm not able to shoot in such consistent light, I do love me some golden hour. Having to make quick decisions due to the nature of the transitioning light is so much fun, and the results are always dynamic, warm and wonderful. 


Q: What are elements of a couple's session that leave you feeling inspired and loving what you do? 
A:  Not a lot feels better than when you're able to skip the small talk and instead, facilitate a space where your clients feel safe enough to drop their guards; to be their truest, most intimate selves. Breaking down barriers and getting to the core of a couple is such an unbeatable feeling. 
I prefer documenting big belly laughs, messy make out sessions, or even normal day-to-day activities that might otherwise go unnoticed vs. anything traditional, posed or forced. 
And when I see my couples react so positively to seeing their real selves shine through in their images... that's what it's all about. Honesty is fucking beautiful. I aim to reveal that to my clients because it's important lesson for them to realize, as well as for myself. 

Q: How do you take your coffee?
A: Typically I go for a pour-over, americano or a doppio. So I guess delicious, black and strong?There's a joke with innuendo here that I'm not going to make. 

Q: I want to move to Seattle but am scared to take the plunge. Thoughts or advice? 
A: Do it! Life's too short. If your gut is telling you to move, save your pennies, make a plan and take the plunge. Do know that the city is mad expensive and housing is competitive, but the landscape is absolutely beautiful and lush, the city is fairly walkable/public transit isn't the worst, there's good food everywhere and the community is incredible (it's seriously what makes it worth it for me). Also know that nothing is permanent, so why not do the thing your heart desires. When you've grown as much as you can and gotten what you wanted out of the experience, move the heck on! And if you need a friend or guide, hit me up!


Q: How did you get the ball rolling (and continue to do so) when bringing in wedding clients?
A: Though I've been in Seattle for almost two years now (what is time?), I still feel super new here, especially since I've only established myself as a "full-time" photographer just a few months ago. I have a lot to learn, but one thing that have served me well this far is unapologetically being myself. When I allow my authentic voice to come through, I attract clients who are genuinely attracted to not just my work, but who I am. And it's that kind of working relationship that not only makes the product better, but something you can be truly proud of. Plus sometimes you make some legit friends out of it.
Another thing is be kind to yourself! Your inner voice may have a tendency to be pretty nasty at times, but comparing yourself to other artists or wishing you were better, more successful or whatever doesn't do anything but leave you feeling depleted and depressed. Use that energy for making the art you want to make, not because you want to beat out your competition or be featured on some instagram account, but because this is a thing you legit love to do! Remember how fortunate you are to have a calling that your passionate about, so try and lose the ego and create often and for the fun of it. It's not about being perfect, there are no winner's here. It's about consistency and personal growth... at the end of the day, that's what will attract those clients and keep em coming. At least that's what I keep tellin' myself, ayyeeee. ;)

Alright folks, that's it for my first go-around of Questions and Answers. If I didn't get to yours this time around, so sorry! I'll be sure to include it in the next one. It was honestly a major challenge to write about myself for this long so I left quite a few out in an effort to spare ya'll (maybe I'll do a part ii soon). I hope this was enjoyable to read! Thanks so much for being a part of this conversation and process... I appreciate you very much. 

Cheers angels, till next time. 
(Also, sidebar: All photo credit goes to the unbelievably talented Lynnsey of Lion Lady Photo. Follow her/book her/tell her she's lovely.)

Babely // Sponsored Goodies: PART I // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Babely was a dream of a day- from the baller mimosa bar in the a.m., sassy photo sessions in the afternoon, to the the candle-lit dinner in the evening. Beyond the hard work and dedication of our team, so much of what made the day as special as it was were the contributions given to us by our incredibly generous sponsors. We were fortunate enough to have so many phenomenal brands and businesses send killer products our way that I'ma have to break this blog post into two parts, just to keep it (relatively) cute and short. 

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the bossy brands we whole-heartedly love and appreciate. 

PRESSED JUICERY: The folks at Pressed Juicery sent us an enormous box of fresh pressed juices. I never knew juice could make a gal so happy, but no lie, it felt like freaking Christmas opening the box and finding such a wide assortment of vibrant colors and juice flavors that I previously never knew existed. Who knew juice could elicit such damn pleasant response?!  
The morning of Babely, we separated out the citrus varieties and set up the bougie-est mimosa bar I ever did see. The rest of the flavors kept our ladies hydrated, healthy and happy throughout the day. These guys have some of the most unique, inspired and delicious juice combos- I'm craving some right now, just thinking about it. 11/10, would recommend.  


HAND AND HIDE: The talented humans at Hand and Hide truly blew us away with the beautiful leather goods that they individually MADE. BY. HAND. These guys create with quality and longevity in mind (which is perfect for me considering I'm a destructive monster that breaks everything, but that's beside the point). They sent a variety of stunning leather products, including a key caddykeychains, earbud wrap cases, iphone charger wraps, and (not pictured, but super rad) beer holders


MINIMALIST. BOUTIQUE SKIN CARE: Where do I even begin with Frankie of Minimalist. Boutique Skin Care. What a woman. This hardworking, bad ass New Zealand mama and entrepreneur creates some of the most luxurious, delicious, all-natural skin care products around that will blow ya damn mind. Beyond her passion and expertise in this field, she exudes warmth and kindness in such a way that instantly draws you in. Not only to I love and want to use her products for the rest of my life, but I also want to give her a hug and be her friend. 
Frankie went above and beyond and we could not be more grateful. For our ladies, she sent The Super Serum she makes, and for our team, she sent The Mini Kit , all of which are packages in such a deliciously beautiful way. Thank you Frankie, you're a true babe and lady boss in our eyes. 


RUSTED VASE CO: The incredibly talented, gem of a woman Carlee of Rusted Vase Co. reached out to the Babely team early on and kindly offered to partner with us. It was amazing to give her a loose vibe and color pallet, and see the places she took it. Her arrangements were modern, understated, a little sexy and totally transformed our space.  Thank you for being such a bad ass and taking the time to collaborate with us during your busiest season... your blooms and big leafy greens elevated the space and took things to a whole other level. 


BIG SPOON ROASTERS: Because we all a little nutty on the Babely squad, it seemed appropriate to team up with the kings of nut butter- Big Spoon Roasters. We were so excited to receive a big ol' box filled with what I believe to be the best flavor combo ever - their almond ginger nut butter.  I've had it on toast with bananas and honey, put it in my smoothies and straight up eaten it right off the spoon. However you use it, it's obvious this North Carolina company packs big flavor and a whole lotta love into each jar, and we are hooked. 


ROBINSON PAPERIE: The lovely, creative Camille of Robinson Paperie hooked. us. up.
Not only did she knock our menus, day-of schedule and hand-lettered place settings out of the park, but she surprised our ladies with the raddest paper goods, including sassy prints (I have one in my room reminding me that I am one badass bitch) and darling cards. Her work is playful, but elegant and exudes personality and refinement. Her work helped create such a polished tablescape and experience for our that we were/forever will be totally obsessed with. 


That's all she wrote. For now. 
Sincerest thanks to all of our phenomenal sponsors. You truly shaped and elevated our ladies' experience, and we are forever grateful.  I can't wait to share more pretty things and bad ass businesses and brands with part ii of this blog series. 

Until then, thank you for reading. <3
For those who are interested in learning more about our upcoming Babely in March of 2018, feel free to reach out to for all the juicy info!

Cheers bbs, 


Urban Yoga Spa // Social Media Content // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Urban Yoga Spa is one of the dopest, largest and most beautiful studios in the PNW. These guys aim to inspire people to live happy, healthy and empowered lives so that you may leave as your best self.
The folks at Urban were looking to build up social media content to refine their instagram game, as well as revamp their headshots. I was thrilled when they said they wanted their images to be infused with personality and life (vs. something more traditional) which allowed for so much personality and honesty to come through. These beautiful humans possess a tremendous amount of heart and ability, and it was a pleasure to capture it.

Now that things are slowing down over here, I seriously can't wait to get warm and bendy in one of their classes. If you want to get up in the studio, they have tons of amazing deals for newcomers... feel free to check them out here


BABELY // An Immersive Retreat for Women // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Babely: the first retreat of (hopefully) many. It happened just over a month ago and it feels quite surreal to reflect on this dream turned reality. More than a dream, but rather a mission, a hope, a vision come true. No matter how I describe it, words can never compare to the feeling of putting your heart into an experience, having it come to life and be received with such love and appreciation.   

One hope during the planning stages of Babely was that we could trust that our girls, the women we dreamt would attend and designed this event for, would be the kind of courageous, vulnerable, spirited women that couldn’t help but connect and have a good time.

And damn, did they show up ready.


As you may or may not know, it can take a lot to feel comfortable in the skin you're in, but I found it so inspiring that each lady showed up bare-faced, energized and ready for whatever was in store.

We spent the morning making mean mimosas, digging into our baller sponsor goodie bags, eating a delightful af brunch and getting a crash course in making a DIY yarn wall hanging with bulletin board looms. We sat underneath the rustling trees, talking about all the things we were excited about, for the day and in life. These ladies' openness, confidence and general level of "down-ness" was something that left an impression on me right from the start. It was apparent right away- we were in for one hell of an experience. 

Pictured above is our supremely talented make-up artist doing her thing, Taylour Chanel. She doesn't just do your make up and leave you feelin' fine as hell (though she does that too). She gets to know you. No polite small talk bullshit- just realness. She was such an asset to our team and I seriously cannot thank, adore or recommend her enough. 

MELODY: Bold and energetic right from the get-go. Melody is a badass mama of two who runs an inspiring blog called Honest Chatter. Her blog aims to facilitate a safe, open space for women to feel empowered, supported and not alone in their experiences. Both in her blog and in person, Melody is unapologetically honest in sharing her own stories & perspective, and in doing so, could not be more relatable and beautiful. So happy to be on the receiving end of her spirit and realness. 



CECILY: Quiet and powerful, Cecily carries herself with effortless elegance and poise. "An elegant scorpion," (a title given to her by a close friend) is something I don't think it could be more appropriate or paint a more inspiring vision when it came to planning her shoot. She came in strong with the vibes and wanted to go a french new wave route (which was EVERYTHING). The mood, emotion and story-telling element was such a fun avenue to explore. I love a woman with a vision.   

alejandramariaphoto-2310 (1).jpg


LAURYL: Our Babely girl to a tee. She came in wanting to experience a new way of treating herself, open to learning new things, to feel confident and meet a squad of wonderful women. And that she did. Lauryl's shoot was more free-flowing and very much a gut reaction to the light and shadows in the space. There was lots of movement, direction and experimentation. It was an honor to document her and capture both her light-hearted, sweet personality, as well as a more sexy, mysterious side. We are beautifully complex creatures, and to capture an ounce of her dynamic nature was everything. 



BROOKE: All I can say is damn, girl. Brooke was not playing around- she 1000% came to slay. This angel by far traveled the farthest all the way from Idaho, and we could not have been more grateful for her presence that day. She's got a new role kicking ass in the real estate world and recently started rebuilding her life and relationships in a brand new location. With all these major transitions, Brooke's hope in joining the Babely family was to leave feeling empowered, confident and glamorous. If this woman is not the face of fierce, I don't know what is. 



SARAH: I think I can safely say, all of us were impressed by/crushing hard over this powerful woman (just me? I don't believe it!). Sarah spends the majority of her life in service to others, so I found it really special that she decided to join our day of relaxation and indulgence and allowed us to take care of her. She was the last shoot of the day and wanted for her session to capture her natural, joyous self, so she and I bounced up out of the Babely house for a change of scenery and explored the neighborhood. She listened to me ramble (I'll be honest, my brain was a little jelly by that point), climbed into beautiful but sharp spaces (do it for the gram!) and was generally just a delight to spend time with and photograph. Spirit and heart aplenty. My kinda gal. 



LAUREN: In addition to looking forward to meeting new ladies and treating herself, this goddess shook things up and sought to celebrate her body by doing a shoot in the nude. I sadly can't share most of the images because the internet is filled with prudes and creeps (ugh), but I will say that this shoot really changed how I approach photography. It forced me to slow down and be ok with taking pauses to think and to construct. I don't take a person bearing their body and soul lightly, so I made every effort to show Lauren off in the artistic and beautiful way she deserves. So stoked at the yummy, moodiness that we were able to create together, and beyond thrilled she is too.



DARLENE: I feel like a photographer can never totally know someone until they get them in front of their camera. I had met Darlene earlier in the summer on a lady beach date and got to chat with her a bit... she came across sweet, intelligent, into nerdy things (I do NOT see nerd as being a bad thing guys, so look in the mirror before you come for me -_-) and maybe a bit on the introverted side. When this lady wrote in her questionnaire that she wanted to "look like a badass queen" in her session, I was excited but had no idea what to expect. Fast forward to her shoot- this babe was throwing down attitude, style and face. None of it was a front, there was no "trying" to be fierce... it's just another aspect of her dynamic personality, and I am obsessed/in complete admiration. Teach me your ways!


//Dinner is served


For those of you who made it to the end, please accept this virtual hug ::SQUISH!::
You're amazing and dedicated and I love you. 
This day was more powerful and magical than I ever imagined it could be and I have a lot of people to thank that without, none of this would be possible. 

And last but not least, thank you to Melody, Lauren, Lauryl, Cecily, Darlene, Sarah and Brooke. Each of you stepped into the experience with open minds, hearts and your unique flavor. You made that day what it was, and it is surely something I will never forget, so THANK YOU. 

To those who see these images and are inspired, and either want to attend, collaborate or be a sponsor- get at me! All inquiries can be sent to Round two is in the works and hot damn- it's going to be bigger, better and more beautiful. Absolutely can't wait to show you what Babely 2.0 has in store <3

All the love. 



Angelene + Michael // Intimate In-Home Session meets Engagement Shoot // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

As evident by the presence of fur coats- this session is from far too long ago, but I'm terrible at blogging so whatever. Sue me.

Whether this post is long overdue or not, the truth is that I can't think of many love stories more beautiful and palpable than Angelene and Michael's. These two humans are so expressive in their love for one another, both in their unique ways, and something about that transparency in their individual love languages couldn't be more appealing to me. 

They can't help but let you in, because they can't help but be themselves. Authentic expression and bold love: the stuff photographer dreams are made of. 

These two decided to have a staycation at Seattle's Ace Hotel and invited me to come over and document them. We spent the morning eating waffles, listening to Beyonce, drinking too much coffee, and romping about town. Couple's that boogie in their underwear and then get dressed to the nines and look fierce as hell around town stay together. 
That's a saying, right?


Simone // Phenomenal Woman // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

A woman is power personified. Both vulnerable and fierce, kind and in control, silly and quick-witted. Women are infinitely capable beings in pursuit of truth and balance, with a depth, knowledge and strength that demands respect.

Simone fully represents the multifaceted nature of being a woman.  Getting to know her story and fight reminds me of our capacity to not just endure, but to thrive. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to capture the many faces of this woman... all commanding, admirable, and wholly beautiful. 


Kristen + Dave // Elegant Ballard Rooftop Wedding // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Kristen and Dave know how to love, how to make their photographer tear up during their vows, and most of all - they know how to throw one hell of a classy celebration. Each detailed of the day echoed the quiet elegance (DIBS- new perfume name!) they each exude, and felt so personal and relevant to them. The day allowed for room to breathe and soak in each moment ... no stress, no rushing. The three of us were able to take our time, stroll around Ballard, stop for espresso, and spread their cuteness and love all about town. I love it.

The ceremony took place in a beautiful, light-filled ballroom and had everybody feeling all the things. Kristen and Dave didn't go for a bridal party, there was no flashy cake-cutting/smashing-in-the-face, and no garter toss. Instead, they had family, their closest friends, the bombdest food, and a killer dance party that was almost impossible to break myself away from. 

Those that celebrate their love in ways unique to them = my happy place. It is what fuels my passion in this otherwise often taxing industry, and pushes me forward in my pursuit of growth.

I live for telling these stories.  


Thanks for viewing!

xoxo, Alex

A Leap of Faith: On Going Full-Time with Photography // Personal by Alejandra Aguirre

Guys. I officially put in my notice. The title says it all, but even as I read it, I can't believe it. 
Some of you may or may not know, but during my past year and a half in Seattle I have been busting my butt working two full-time jobs- one being establishing and running my photography business, and the other being a barista at Google. It's been a struggle balancing the two, but it wouldn't be right if I didn't pay my respect to this weird ass corporate day-job that ended up being one of the best things to ever happen to me. Seriously.

Let me explain.

Having a steady source of income + benefits and working for a place that went above and beyond in their endless support of my photo career afforded me the opportunity to slow down and reevaluate my relationship to photography and my business. I didn't need to shoot to survive any more. I was for the first time able to say NO when a client or situation wasn't right, and instead, only take on work that was fulfilling and fueled my creativity. I was able to grow, gain a real point of view (where I was totally lost before), refine my style and reignite my passion. This is not to say that I have my shit figured out, or that I am by any means done growing (oh hell naw), but it is important to acknowledge that without this security, I may have never learned that I am crazy about intimate engagement sessions, weddings + elopements, have never gotten over my fear of conceptual studio shoots, or felt confident enough to expand my business and plan something as ambitious as Babely. Though the idea of leaving stability IS TOTALLY GOD DAMN TERRIFYING, something in my gut tells me there is no other way. I need to give it up and lean in. I need to do things on my own time, in my own way, to see what I'm made of. 
I'm not scared to be scrappy, to hustle, to get creative or even to 'fail'. It's all a part of learning and I feel a fire in my belly like no other. I'm ready for a challenge and I am not shy of hard work. All I know is that this is right right now and I owe it to myself. Time to get to really get to living, learning and growing

My story is not unique. There are so many of us grinding and working damn hard... pushing through tough transitions as we move toward a more fulfilling future. I can only hope that sharing this little bit of real talk from my heart gives you a boost of encouragement and confidence. Keep going, following your intuition and fighting for your dream. We got this. 

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward."

-Amelia Earhart

Whiskey + Love: Moody Seattle Engagement Session // Jaimie & Curt by Alejandra Aguirre

I was introduced to Jaimie by a mutual friend, and have been thankful every day since. Before I ever met her, I was told something along the lines of, 'Jaimie is the kind of girl you see standing across the street, looking fierce and intimidating as hell, but then you wave to her and her face breaks into the most loving smile as she excitedly waves back.' It's all true... So much sweetness, in leather and lace- how is it possible??

Jaimie & Curt are the kind of duo every photographer dreams about. They are as open, kind and loving as they are beautiful. They live their lives guided by intuition and passion, AND they love whiskey, dogs & good food. See??? DREAM COUPLE. 

For their engagement session we decided to take on Pioneer Square. It went a little something like the bombdest happy hour at Girin, getting serenaded by a brass band that happened to be walking by (wtf is life?!), drinking espresso at arguably too late an hour, and climbing on top of parking garages, loading docks and dumpsters... and they made it all look so. damn. good. 
Jaimie and Curt, thank you for letting me tag along and document your fine selves as you live your lives. You are both so good and words cannot express how excited I am to document your Halloween elopement (yup. that's right). 

Compassion wrapped in witchy attire, I couldn't describe these two better myself. 


Shana + Elie // Love // San Francisco, CA by Alejandra Aguirre

Ya'll know how it goes... we have good days and we have bad days. My emotions ebb and flow with the seasons and try as I might to hold onto a sense of grace and compassion for myself, there are times where I've been unproductively critical of my work, spiraled in comparison to others, overanalyzed my editing and wanted to scrap everything, or just all together felt down and disconnected. 

But I find when I focus on the work, I ain't got time or energy for any of that negativity nonsense. It's truly the most beautiful thing. When I am connecting with my clients, camera in hand, chasing light and fueled by inspiration and love for my craft- everything is right. 

Elie and Shana are an exemplary reminder of why I do what I do.

First off, meeting them was easy. I walked up to their crazy cute San Francisco home (think iconic SF row house) where I was greeted by their insane + wonderful dog. While their furry beast incessantly licked my legs, we hung out in their living room and spent some time getting to know one another... and not like, how bout that weather fluffy talk, but the cut the bullshit, get on the level kind of get to know each other. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT YA'LL. Right off the bat, I knew I was in good company.

Elie ran out to grab some sushi and the three of us wine, dined and got so lost in conversation we (almost) lost track of time and damn near missed the sunset! Honestly, the timing couldn't have worked out more beautifully... as we walked down the hill and Sutro Baths came into view, we basked in soft, warm light, gulped the crisp and salty air, and our adventure began. 

These are a collection of photos documenting Elie and Shana's story. A peek into their world full of love, adventure, connection, generosity, passion and joy. Witnessing and documenting the two of them be so openly themselves is an honor; one I will hold on to, cherish and forever be grateful for. 

Puerto Rico // Personal by Alejandra Aguirre

This post comes at a crazy time. Life be crazy, my love is crazy (hello long distance relationship), and our country be (even more) crazy... it's a wild, wild world ya'll. But it fills me with inexplicable joy to take my time here tonight to go through these pictures, edit them so pretty and present them to you. This is my family. My love. My whole heart.   

For those of you who may not know or can't tell, my white ass is 3/4 Puerto Rican. I was born in Carolina, PR but left young and lived that military child life where I grew up in New Orleans, San Diego, and Sicily, visiting my dad and family twice a year. As I grew older, twice a year became once a year, became every couple years, and before I knew it, FIVE years went by. 

This trip was damn long overdue, but it reminded me this: family is forever. Reconnecting with my family and merging my worlds together by bringing along Kiel left me with a heart so full, a belly even fuller, and sweet sweet memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

My family, my love, my heart. 

Te quiero. Until next time. 

Ashley + Tosh // Wedding // Lummi Island, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Island magic in its purest form.

When a couple manages to create a space for an entire island (no lie. the whole island) to come celebrate, eat, drink, dance and rejoice in love, you know you're in the company of some next level humans. Ashley and Tosh are a special breed, and the love they share for one another is a true honor to be around. These two managed to cut out the bullshit that often surrounds the wedding world and instead put their focus on what matters: love, duh. No gimmicks, no fuss.
Bomb dinner was courtesy of dad, gorgeous desserts and wedding cake baked by sister & friends, flower arrangements done by BA friend crew and the venue was on grandma's property. An entire community coming together to make something so beautiful. That's what I'm talkin' about. 

Simple. Elegant. and full of heart. 

As a photographer, I couldn't ask for a more dynamic and beautiful scenario. Ashley and Tosh, you two are a dream. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a glorious occasion. 


Miriah & Eric // Wedding-ish // Seattle, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

it's official. i am literally THE WORST at blogging (see: previous blog post- Nov2015).

let's ignore the fact that maintaining social media is hard and that i may be painfully irrelevant bc whatever! it's time to move on and focus on the present! cuz man oh man, is the present good. 

Miriah and Eric got hitched among the closest of the close in their lives, and I imagine it was the most perfect, love-and-food-filled celebration there ever was (note- i was not there to witness/photograph this). however, as with most weddings, the day flew by so fast and furious that it wasn't until they returned from their honeymoon that they realized they never really got photos of just the two of them. the family, the home, the food and details - all documented beautifully, but perhaps not quite as many photos of the two of them just... being. together. so when Miriah asked me if I would be into a wedding-ish part ii - duh (!!) - i was super down. 

we met up in georgetown, these two dressed to the nines, and our itinerary as follows: drinks, snacks, more drinks, explore.   

i couldn't love this more. couples who do what they want, when they want and how they want. there are no rules in love and marriage... in documenting it, at least (ha! ignore me plz). feel like you want more photos of you and ya boo because you are so damn in love, and let's be honest- ya'll look fine as hell in that dress and tux? let's do it. feeling like chasing the sunset the day after because your special day was too jam packed? i'm game. when you get weird and do what you want, good things happen. and in this particular case, good things mean bomb drinks, big laughs, finding hidden gems in the city, and memories for life. 


PAIGE | Senior | Bellingham, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

hot damn ya'll, i am craaaazy excited to finally be blogging this gem of a session!!
Paige approached me about doing senior photos this summer and I learned preeetty quickly that this young lady ticked a little differently... she was open, comfortable, ready to explore, down to get dirty (or soaked, in this case) and wanting to create something beautifully unique. 

the girl gets it! together (with the assistance and company of her lovely mama and aunt), we had a total blast and ended up with a killer final product, if i do say so ma'self ;)

so without further ado, let's just get into it, shall we?

best of luck to you paige. you a freakin' phenom. 


Kirsten & Phil | Wedding | Moscow, ID by Alejandra Aguirre

These two mob deep.

Being a part of Kirsten and Phil's big day meant getting in good with a big, bad, beautiful group of family and friends, and I tell you- this. is. the. way! Being a witness to (and perhaps even small part of) a group who so openly love, laugh, share and let's not leave out- party proper (paella/never-ending cheesecake/raging dance sessions/etc) made for a most incredible experience and unforgettable memories. 

Good people, good times. 
Not much better in this world than that.  Congratulations you two!! I'm sure I'll be seein' you's again :)

Kira & Chase | Wedding | Pullman, WA by Alejandra Aguirre

Good grief, it has been far too long since I've blogged! (das my bad, i'm sorry!!)

Well let's kick it back off with a beaut, shall we? These two couldn't have been more kind, spunky,  stunning (like, seriously) and totally in love. This day was filled with giggling, running about town, chasing good light, playing in the street, sweet moments, shared glances, impeccable company and a whole lotta love. Sounds to me like a recipe for something really beautiful and special, amirite?  

So with that, I present to you the forever-incredible Chase and Kira. 

IMG_2273 copy.jpg

Hess Family | Portrait | Moscow, ID by Alejandra Aguirre

I am so so happy Amanda contacted me for family photos before I moved away... this session was everything I needed to fill me up and send me off right. It was incredible to work with a fellow photographer and creative and make something so damn darling and fun happen over just a few days of planning/making (which- major props to wonderful Amanda for creating this teepee in just one weekend! You are amazing!). 

Not to mention, this family is straight gorgeous, so um, there's that. ;) 

Please enjoy. 

Like what you see? Let me know in the comments. 
Feedback is my fav <3 

Happy Saturday! 

Jordyn & Brandon | Maternity | Moscow, id by Alejandra Aguirre

I had the honor of photographing this gorgeous goddess woman, her handsome hubby and her babe-to-be. 

It has been wonderful watching these two grow in their love and now in their family. I could not be more excited to meet and love upon their adorable little nugget. 

EDIT: Congratulations on your sweet babe! Jackson Lee Nafsinger, born on March 27th 2015, is sure to be the coolest, most down to earth, lively, creative, well-adjusted, loving and bad ass baby/human around.